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A Note From jackie_segedin

A healthy and creative alternative to traditional pasta, the spiralizer, a much needed kitchen-gadget that transforms vibrant vegetables into vibrant pasta-like consistencies (and a tool for anyone who is craving a nutritious balanced eating solution), has flooded social media platforms with endless creations of super tasty recipes leaving you feeling—comfortably and happily—full and satisfied. Guys, the hype is real, the bandwagon long. I promise you—whether it be zucchini (the more popular choice) to complement every traditional ‘pasta’ sauce recipe you have chronicled in your worn and water-stained recipe book or sweet potatoes for those seasoned curly fries you covet when you kick your feet up after a long day, anything you can dream up, you can simply create. Here you will find inspiration to elevate your traditional veggie dishes with colorful, wholesome, flavorful sauces, seasonings and more. Join me!