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Jackie Segedin
Denver, Colorado
Fresh food enthusiast and an advocate of small-business, I share stories of food and the people who make it.

The Art of Filleting a Fish with @docktodish

My Recipes
Sweet Potato And Avocado 'toast' With Poached Egg
First attempt at sweet potato avo "toast" with poached eggs (+spinach and feta) // a new craze I found via @britandco // seasoned with @greenpointtrading from @hatchery
When your avocados aren’t ripe enough, you don’t have ranch and you don’t have bacon🤦🏻‍♀️, but conveniently have this rad-goodness. 🙏🏻 I managed to whip this together for a quick launch- thanks to @litehousefoods (one of @cookitmedia favorite to work with) and my Mom (Patty) who taught me - to get creative when you don’t have a plan - or time for that matter. // romaine lettuce, feta, dried cranberries, homemade croutons, a little mix of seasonings, hard boiled eggs and this 👉🏻. #whatsforlunch
Greek yogurt, granola (oats,raisins and almonds), a big scoop of honey roasted creammmy peanut butter and a drizzle of honey. That's all and that's all ya need. 👌🏻
Took at early morning meeting (heart you @olivesfordinner ), got my butt kicked at spin, showered👍🏻per usual, but got DRESSED in jeans and a sweater (not usual), and made breakfast but took a minute to take this (Scrambled eggs, feta and chopped parsley) and visualize my day. Ready to👊🏻! #gottatakecareofyourself #workfromhomelife
The art of dressing a smoothie bowl is no joke. // 🎃 Pumpkin Pie Coconut Smoothie Bowl 👉🏻@wellnesswithedie // ps. For all you @canonusa users who upgraded to the 5D Mark IV - any buyers remorse? Looking to upgrade. 🤞🏻
I don't care what anybody says - leftovers are the absolute best and so is basil. // alla vodka sauce with grilled chicken cubes over 😇 hair // #cookiteats
Here's to a good hearty salad being enough. Back to work 👊🏻. #cookiteats
💭 This Sunday I will meal prep, this Sunday I will meal prep. // Lunch these days. 🙈🙃