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Jackie Segedin
Denver, Colorado
Fresh food enthusiast and an advocate of small-business, I share stories of food and the people who make it.

Espresso Theory

My Recipes
Sweet Potato And Avocado 'toast' With Poached Egg
First attempt at sweet potato avo "toast" with poached eggs (+spinach and feta) // a new craze I found via @britandco // seasoned with @greenpointtrading from @hatchery
💭 This Sunday I will meal prep, this Sunday I will meal prep. // Lunch these days. 🙈🙃
I've been an advocate of small brands for years (really forever) - first at the local level for brick and mortars in Coconut Grove, then of small batch makers of cooking/baking ingredients at Hatchery (shout out to @_lafaza, the one of many), and now bloggers, who are ironically building brands and platforms that support the growth of small food brands across America. (Disclaimer: And big brands too, but that's not the point.😗) My point is I love witnessing (and playing a part in) the growth of the believers, dreamers and doers. That's what I love. #thedrizzlecouldhavebeenbetter // oh ps. This is a spiced caramel apple galette - recipe via @sallysbakeblog
Todays agenda - spend quality time with my family outside by the pool (savoring summer) and with my Mom in the kitchen to make an apple galette (welcoming fall). #bepresent
Heading off to the Annual Pig Roast Brunch (pre-celebration) with a carton of local eggs (yay Wheatridge Poultry and Meats!) in hopes I can make avo toast with over easy eggs (kind of poached!) for a slightly larger group than myself (and my boyfriend). Wish me luck. 🥑 🍞 🍳
Go-to snack #2. Sliced banana, a drizzle of honey, a sprinkle or two of @bobsredmill flaxseed, and a big scoop of peanut butter (for dipping pleasures)!