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How to Contribute?

Share & Find!
Share what you've made with us on any social network by adding #feedfeed for a chance to be featured on our site and across our social network accounts.

Follow Us for a daily dose of cooking inspiration from our global network of cooks.

Whether you are a home cook, blogger, chef, food photographer, food stylist, representative of a brand, organization, agency, publication, farm, or other food supplier we would like to welcome you into our community.

There are many ways to connect, collaborate and work with feedfeed depending on your area of interest within our food / cooking ecosystem.

Drop us a line with any questions.
For Profit Brands and Organizations
(including Food Producers/Suppliers)
In addition to strategic collaborations, we offer the following general list of services.
Partner Feeds
A dedicated page provided to organizations which displays a curated and updating feed of food and cooking related content their communities are sharing on social media. *Additional info upon request.
Please inquire about specific opportunities within our 2015 editorial calendar or if you are interested in discussing a custom contest for your organization.
Sponsored Promotions on Social Media and Web
We love to try new products and get introduced to brands that align with our cooking style, philosophy & mission. If you are interested in Julie sampling your product and then discussing a sponsored post with an original recipe to be created (with your product) by Julie. Send us an email.
feedfeed Blogger/Audience Activation for Sponsored Promotion
Activation of an influential segment of the feedfeed audience to produce a meal (with your product) as part of an ongoing Sponsorship. Includes Recipe Development, Photography, Styling, etc. Send us an email.
Contact us to discuss syndication of Feeds or other feedfeed site content for your website, blog, publication, inside an article, etc.
Social Media Community Management and Growth Consultation
feedfeed can:
  • Provide social media support to increase brand / product awareness & drive sales.
  • Encourage your customers to share images of the foods they are making with the products you sell i.e. by using #YourCompanyName.
  • Event Specific Social Media Management
Inquire for details.
Publications +
You are the source of inspiration for us and for the feedfeed community. We have an interest in helping promote the stories, recipes and people that come out of your publications every day, on the web, social media, and in print. Get in-touch to discuss content syndication, content sharing, contests, a partner feeds, collaboration and more.
Home Cooks, Bloggers, Chefs +
You are the core of our community! We gain endless amounts of inspiration from all of you. Thanks for opening up your kitchens to us and sharing your creativity, stories and recipes which make this community possible.
How do I participate?
If you are new to our community and want to know how to participate, it’s simple...cook something, take a picture, share it with a meaningful description on Instagram (or any other social network) and add #feedfeed to your post!
Everything you’ve tagged #feedfeed on the social networks is currently searchable from our site. Simply add your Instagram username into our search bar to view all of your posts in one place. Download our Social Badge (White or Black) to link to your profile page or favorite feed on feedfeed from your site.
Can I add a recipe to the feedfeed website?
Coming very the meantime, just email us at about any particular post you have shared with us that you want us to enhance by adding a recipe or link to the recipe you used.
How do I become an editor?
Editors are active members of the feedfeed community who tag a lot of their social media posts #feedfeed and have an obvious interest, passion, or expertise in a particular food/cooking category, ingredient, cooking style, etc. Editors volunteer for specific feeds to edit, or come up with their own ideas for feeds. If this is something that interests you, please contact us with a description of your background, interests, and any relevant blog, Instagram feed, or other social media accounts that display some of your passion for food/cooking and the feed(s) you would ideally like to edit!
How do I participate in the feedfeed Virtual Test Kitchen?
Did you make a recipe you found on the feedfeed site? Then email us for more information and how to apply to participate in the feedfeed Virtual Test Kitchen.
Are you hiring?
Yes, we are hiring a Social Media Manager, a a Social Media Coordinator and we are looking for Summer Interns! Email us if you are interested in these positions.
Authors +
Many of the participants in the feedfeed community are Authors with a background or expertise in some of the specific category topics we feature on our website (i.e. Squash - Amanda Paa). If you would like to promote your book on feedfeed or become an editor of a category feed on our site, please send us an email with information about yourself, your book, and your interests.
Not-For-Profits & Farms +
One of the main reasons we started feedfeed was to connect with others who also cook with local, seasonal & sustainable foods. Eating locally and seasonally is our personal passion and these organizations are pivotal in making that possible. Our small contribution to supporting the good food movement is encouraging and inspiring people to cook more in general.
How can feedfeed help your organization?
feedfeed can provide your organization with a Partner feed / home where your community can share and inspire each other by posting images of what they cook / bake with your products / produce. Simultaneously, this page serves as a portal between your organization and your community. feedfeed also helps mobilize your community and helps your organization promote itself on social media.
What is required of you as an organization to participate with feedfeed?
Very little! As part of our mission to support the Good Food Movement, we offer many of our services for Not-For-Profit Companies and Organizations we support free of charge or for nominal fees.
See some examples of thriving organizations and their community partner pages on feedfeed (Amber Waves Farm, Grow NYC). If you would like to discuss how feedfeed can support your organization, send us an email with a description of your organization, your needs, etc.
Media Kit +
Provided upon request. Please email

About Us
What Is feedfeed? feedfeed is a crowdsourced digital cooking publication and community.
As the founders, our role is to facilitate all the amazing people in the feedfeed community connecting and inspiring each other on a daily basis. To that end we curate the content shared by home cooks, chefs, and bloggers into easily digestible and inspiring categories that reflect trends from kitchens around the world. We have also recently introduced dozens of community editors who help to curate categories in their areas of expertise as well as add commentary.
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feedfeed has also grown to be a place where food producers & suppliers, big and small, can get the profound respect and recognition they deserve for growing and harvesting food that is safe, nourishing, and sustainable.
What Inspired Us To Start feedfeed?
Since moving out of NYC to a small coastal farming and fishing community on Eastern Long Island, we have been cooking and eating local, seasonal food almost exclusively. Julie is constantly seeking inspiration for what to make with what we have on hand, and often wondered what other like-minded people with the same ingredients were making at that moment; both in our local area and around the world.
We began looking to social networks for inspiration from other cooks, and made some great connections, but found that a lot of great content was disorganized and difficult to sort through. We decided to form feedfeed, a platform to help curate and connect the cooking inspiration, recipes and people we were finding on Instagram and other networks. We wanted to provide a place that could be a source of inspiration for the average cook, searchable by ingredient, cooking style, or meal type; but which was also a living and breathing community, providing a lens into kitchens around the world, changing with the seasons, and hopefully inspiring people to cook more and to use more local and seasonal products. A year later, we have been fortunate to meet thousands of people in the feedfeed community, and what started as social media conversations about cooking have transitioned into "real world" friendships.
Who are Julie and Dan?
Julie is an avid cook, feeding her family of 5 with local and seasonal food every day. Julie's history includes a background in journalism, a long career working at digital agencies, as well as a culinary school degree from the Institute of Culinary Education in New York. Dan's background includes a career as a physician in Diagnostic Imaging, with interests in health and wellness, technology, social media, and creative pursuits including photography.
Both Julie and Dan are devoted to food, both from the vantage point of sustainable growing practices, as well as what to do with it once it is in your home. They are enamored with their local farms, and derive fulfillment from the ability to grow and harvest the food they eat from these farms, their garden at home, as well as their local CSF (Community Supported Fishery) Dock To Dish. Julie also serves on the advisory boards of both Quail Hill Farm and Amber Waves Farm.