Feedfeed is an innovative Food Media company native to social media with a focus on trending content, video, emerging platforms, and experiential.

For Food Lovers
Feedfeed is a daily source of inspiration for what to cook, bake, eat and drink.

For Content Creators
Feedfeed is one of the largest food & lifestyle influencer networks, helping align creators with brands and helping promote creators on Feedfeed channels. Learn more >

For Food & Lifestyle Brands
Feedfeed helps align brands with a highly engaged community of food and lifestyle enthusiasts on all social and digital platforms.
Content & Distribution
Content & Distribution
Feedfeed’s content studio has been a pioneer and leader in social native organic and branded content for 10 years. We have continued to spearhead new content trends, formats and emerging platforms, including streaming tv.

Influencer programs
Influencer Programs
The Feedfeed Creator Network is one of the world’s largest food & lifestyle influencer networks. We can amplify influencer content, or create original content to complement influencer programs, generating more reach and engagement than influencer agencies.

Feedfeed conceptualizes and executes engaging IRL and Virtual (inc. Metaverse) experiences. Feedfeed has one of the of the world’s largest food & lifestyle influencer networks to fill any experience with interesting people in any city in the world.

Additional services
Additional Services
  • + Social media management

  • + New channel launches

  • + Paid media management

  • + Full stack agency services.
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