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Sparkling Apple Cider Berry Mocktail
On the rare occasion when I don't want any booze in my drink, this is my fav mocktail. Sparkling Berry apple! It's made with sparkling water, apple cider (or apple juice) and mixed berry syrup. Cheers! (It's perfect for brunch and baby showers )
Pomegranate, Clementine And Rosemary Margaritas
Who else is already thinking about what cocktails they’re going to have on thanksgiving next week?! If you need ideas, you should totally make these pomegranate rosemary clementine margaritas! They’re super festive and SO dangerously good!!
Tangerine Pimm's Cup
April is Ojai Pixie Month! A whole month dedicated to the juicy, sweet, sun-filled tangerines that grow like wildflowers in the sheltered and mountainous region of Ojai (Oh, Hi) California. In celebration of these magical little Pixies, I collaborated with @fullframefoodie to come up with a new cocktail recipe for this Pixie Pimm's Cup! It's a zesty twist on the classic British cocktail using magically delicious Ojai Pixies as a base and finishing with a sparkling splash of Prosecco.