Lemons and Limes

Here are some of our favorite Recipes with Lemons and Limes made by the #feedfeed community.

A Note From Angela Packard

Lemons and Limes. They are high in vitamin C and aid in digestion, which is perfect if you end up making all of the delicious recipes you see on this page! But did you know that lemons and limes also contain anti-cancer properties, could help prevent kidney stones, aid in weight loss and help balance pH levels in the body? I'm thinking this citrus duo is good to have around. But even though I've read these studies and articles about lemons and limes, they also add such great flavor to dishes, not to mention a fresh, clean scent to the home. Lemons and limes are totally sustainable, perfect for repurposing, and can be used in cooking, baking and cocktail making. It's a citrus fruit that completely heeds my mantra to, "eat sustainably, live re-purposefully and create easily."
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Angela Packard


Chicago, IL

Owner and founder of Sweet Is The Spice, Inc. Mantra: the mantra to, "Eat Sustainably, Live Re-Purposefully and Create Easily."

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