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Angela Packard
Chicago, IL
Owner and founder of Sweet Is The Spice, Inc. Mantra: the mantra to, "Eat Sustainably, Live Re-Purposefully and Create Easily."

Brussels Sprout and Butternut Squash Pizza

My Recipes
Tomato Mozzarella Tarts
Tomato Tarts made easy with the help of @sweetisthespice organic spice blends. I used the Herbal Fusion and Chicago Joe spice blends that gave these tarts amazing flavor. Lots of fresh tasting herbs, garlic and ground peppercorns. I also used puff pastry (which is wonderful for savory dishes too,) and freshly shredded mozzarella cheese. With the bounty of in season tomatoes, make these tarts as an appetizer or serve with a protein and fresh salad.
Peanut Butter And Jam Pie Squares
This whimsical, sweet treat is reminiscent of the classic PB&J sandwich with the rustic feel and taste of a warm slice of pie. These PB&J Pie Squares are up on the blog! 🍓💋
Banana Chocolate Chip Muffins
Got some ugly bananas in your kitchen? 🙈 Make these Banana Chip Muffins! 🐵 ✔️No refined sugar. ✔️No canola or vegetable oil. ✔️Kid approved. They are insanely good and definitely won't last make sure there are other people in the house to restrain you! 🙀😍 PS: This recipe uses our Sweet & Salty Surrender blend. 💗 #organic #cookcl #healthyeah #wholefoods #marthafood #goopmake #simpledishes #bonappetit #epicurious #eattheworld #foods4thoughts #bareaders #sweettooth #vegetarian #unrefinedsugar #kingarthurflour #bakeit #thebakefeed
Lemon And Garlic Confit White Bean Hummus
Garlic Confit and Lemon Hummus. I use Cannellini beans versus garbanzo beans for a smoother texture. It has a great mellow garlic flavor with a bright lemon kick and our Sunhera Masala blend that has tons of warm, exotic spices in it like ginger, turmeric, cardamom, mustard, black pepper, cinnamon and clove. Even my meat eating husband loves this with crackers or a handful of colorful veggies. If you have preserved lemons, this recipe would be a great one to use them in! And if you're a garlic and lemon lover like I am, this will be on regular doubt. #lemon #hummus #garlic #
Glazed Lemon, Lavender And Rosemary Cookies
Lemon, Lavender and Rosemary Ricotta Cake Cookies. This is an adaptation of @giadadelaurentiis Ricotta cookies with lemon glaze. The texture is definitely cake-like, soft and tender, while the flavor is savory, slightly floral with the brightness of the lemon. The lemony glaze adds such a wonderful sweetness and balance. With July 4th around the corner and backyard bbq's in full swing, a tray of these will definitely get attention and be gone in no make 2 batches for the win! #hatcherymade #feedfeed
Coconut Caramel Chocolate Chip Cookies
Coconut and Caramel Chocolate Chip Cookies. There are no words. Get the recipe and render yourself speechless. Used our Sweet & Salty Surrender in this recipe. #feedfeed #hatcherymade
Smoky Barbecue Ribs
Let's do some easy math shall we?! Father's Day + Grilling = @sweetisthespice spice blends and rubs. Skip the tie 👔👎🏻 and give him something he wants... time outside by the BBQ, grilling up his favorite dishes all summer long. Our 'Secret Spice' and 'Spicy Barbacoa' blends are perfect for foods on the grill and in the smoker. And studies show, these blends are preferred by men. 👍🏻 Shop online and get your spice blends for dad now! We'll make sure he gets them in time for Fathers's Day. Now look at you being a good son or daughter! ❤️😎 ❤️ Get the recipe for these smoky, spicy and melt-in-your-mouth ribs, link in profile.
Spiced Coconut Granola With Apricot Honey
Intrigued? Me too. It's funny what a little time out of the kitchen does to the old creative juices. The recipe was inspired by @thejamlab and @displacedhousewife...(love those ladies.) The rest is my love and admiration for granola. The days of store bought granola are in the past. The base of this recipe is perfect enough for a plethora of flavors and textures, creating versatility and character every time. This one is a little "coconutty," and would go perfectly with coconut milk, on top oatmeal, mixed in yogurt, sprinkled on ice cream, added to smoothie bowls or eaten straight out of the jar...which is exactly what I did today. This is coming to the blog this weekend! P.S.-I used our Sweet & Salty Surrender blend in this recipe. Background: @inkandelmbackdrops
Strawberry Galettes
It's #piday! These Strawberry Fields Galettes require no, and are my most favorite way to use pie dough. They're like mini hand held pies that you don't have to share! Get the recipe from the link in profile. #notselfish #feedfeed #bobsredmill
Cara Cara Orange Cake
This Cara Cara Orange Cake with Orange Curd filling and Honey Cream Cheese Frosting is #ontheblog finally! The bright citrus flavors ? are super prominent and exude summer vibes ☀️...something I cannot wait for. ?? Check out the link in profile. ☝? #hatcherymade