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A Note From Swayampurna Mishra

As a wife and a working mom, life is pretty hectic and take outs seem to be the easy answer. Hang on, I am talking about take outs at home! I love cooking up easy and quick weeknight dinners that pack health and taste in one delicious potpourri of flavors. Over the last few years I have taught myself and my family to love the wholesomeness of home cooked food that's faster than ordering in and much more soul satisfying! Take out isn't just limited to Thai/ Chinese any longer, so put on your thinking caps and lets get that dinner started! On the menu - fun, fast and fabulous recipes to inspire you! Xo, S.
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Swayampurna Mishra



Susceptible to nostalgia induced cooking, lover of 30 min meals, hates ordering in. unabashed writer of stories from the heart.

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