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A Note From Emma K. Morris

As a nearly lifelong vegetarian, I’ve had a longstanding love affair with tofu. Sometimes tofu gets a bad wrap for being texturally weird or flavorless…but let me assure you, with the right recipe, this is never the case! To quickly address any common misconception regarding soy: it's perfectly fine to consume in moderation. In fact, it's been proven time and time again to actually decrease the risk of cancer and diabetes across the board in both men and women, and normal consumption could actually lower your cholesterol. Having multiple reliable sources of plant-based proteins in my diet has been critical for my health over the years, and I’ve found that organic non-GMO tofu is among the most adaptable, healthful, and crowd-pleasing ingredients in my cooking. So gather ‘round and heed some tofu inspiration from these mouthwatering finds!
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