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Soe Thein
Irvine, CA
Spreading my love Burmese cuisines, rant and sarcasm at Limeandcilantro.

Apple Rose Tart with Maple Pastry Cream

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Burmese Lemongrass Fish Vermicelli Soup
Semi jet-lagged but semi high on caffeine. But, I am still taking over @thefeedfeed snapchat tomorrow to show you guys how to make this abridged version of Mohiga (Burmese lemongrass fish vermicelli soup). The recipe promised a 30-minute cooking time but we all know, that's never the case when you are also snap chatting. So please be patient with me. See you on snapchat tomorrow.
Hainan Chicken And Ginger Rice
Hainan chicken with the most aromatic garlic ginger rice. Sorry for the messy plating and weird indoor lighting. I hate winter so much. The natural light is freaking gone by 5pm. I guess both the sun and I become lazy bums.
Vermicelli Soup With Burmese Fish
My 30-min version of Mohinga (lemongrass fish broth). I actually have written this awhile back but the story associated with this recipe was very personal so I decided to wait it off (yea, I am a coward like that). I am glad it did. You know why? The story was actually set in November. November 4th, 2012. Can anyone guess what day is it?
Custom Rolling Pin
Mini pot pie filled with meatless meatball in Indian butter "chicken" sauce, inspired by @mollyyeh for the meatball and @donalskehan for the sauce (recipe soon) . The pastry god has finally answered my incompetent ass' prayers. Can't make latticed or patterned pie crust, but right now I can at least make my own logo-printed pie crusts thanks to @inmywoodcom personalized roller pin. Fake until you make it right? . *use the code 'limeandcilantro' for 10% off for your personalized roller*
Garlic Burmese Noodles
This Burmese garlic noodle. Btw, this is one of my landlords posing for me. She is so natural and absolutely loves helping me in and out of the kitchen. I feel like the luckiest kid right now.
Burmese Tea
Burmese pulled tea. It's good to be back in California. Now, my apartment lease is up and the office is kicking me out in 2 days. I need to pack but all I want to do is binge re-watch "30 Rock". Hopefully this tea will give me energy.
Fried Burmese Soft Chickpea Tofu
Fried chickpea tofu being doused in tamarind chili sauce (recipe will be on the blog over the weekend) Whenever I go to a Burmese restaurant, I order fried tofu. I grew up spending 99% of my allowance on these golden nuggets. Basically we go way back. So, naturally, when I get bad ones at a restaurant, I curse. But, now I have this fool-proof recipe for these lovelies. So much crunch on the outside with silky softness beneath. 100% addicting. . Will I still order them at restaurants? Probably. Will I still curse if they are bad? Definitely.
Vegan And Gluten Free Chickpea Donuts
Vegan psychedelic chickpea donuts (gluten-free) Before I move to California, I thought I love hiking. What a big denial. I passionately hate any hikes longer than 2 miles. Similarly, I used to be against vegan baked goods because I always thought they are pretentious. But, now that I think of it, vegan baked goods are actually very economical. And I guess they are "healthier" too?
Burmese Curry Noodle
The Curry in this DIY Burmese curry noodle dish only requires only 2 ingredients - paprika and turmeric, with none of those laborious toasting and grinding steps that a typical curry would call for. I would make this dish for Your July 4th party, if I were you. Ok, you all are probably annoyed with my noodle posts now, so I will stop. Lastly, I want to ask a huge favor from my readers. @saveurmag is now accepting nominations for food blog awards (the link is in their bio), and it would mean a big big world to me if you can nominate for me. You can choose any categories you want. Thank you so much in advance. @limeandcilantro has grown so much within a year and all of this would not have been possible without all of you guys' support and encouragement.