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Oranges Recipes

Orange you glad I didn't say banana? Orange recipes here!

A Note From thejamlab

Oranges are one of the few citrus fruits that thrive and peak in the winter season until the onset of summer! Sweet, tangy, juicy and loaded with vitamin C, the benefits are numerous, such as they are the perfect anti-oxidants and boost the immune system especially in the winter months! They are great source of fiber, and help to protect against certain cancers as well! There are so many varieties of oranges, such as navel, Seville, blood orange(yum!), mandarins, clementines, pomelos, etc! Oranges can be used to make wonderful marmalades, in desserts, like orange tea cakes and doughnuts, use the delicious peels to make candied orange peels, used in chocolates, even to make beautiful glazes for meats in savory dishes, in smoothies, salads, or just have plain orange juice! The uses are plenty for this humble fruit, one that I cannot get enough of! Enjoy this feed for inspiration, for everything ORANGE!