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For official information on the source of Whole30, go to www.whole30.com The Whole30 diet consists of refraining from Grains, added Sugar, Dairy, Alcohol, Legumes, carrageenan, MSG & Sulfites for 30 Days to reset and refresh your body.

A Note From Teri Turner

I’m so happy to curate this feed as I’ve been in a relationship with healthful cooking and organic foods for quite some time. I prefer eating real food. In January 2015, I decided to try a 30-day program called Whole30 that cleanses and resets your body. A longtime proponent of natural foods, I already had a clean, gluten free diet, yet I couldn't believe how much better I felt, how much more energy I had, and how my skin glowed. I continued for several rounds and incorporated many of the principles into my everyday life. I learned to tame the sugar dragon and feel the benefits of tiger blood...I am so delighted to create a Whole30 resource to share new ideas and inspiration for clean eating. For more information on the source of this innovative program, see the official Whole30 website: www.whole30.com
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