Hummus & Other Spreads

The options are endless. Here is a taste of the kinds of hummus (and other spreads) the #feedfeed community is making.

A Note From Kellie Anderson

From its origins in the Middle East, to vegan feasts in the hippy 1970s, to every supermarket from Boston to Barcelona, hummus has arrived. Looking like wet mortar but tasting silky, nutty and almost indescribably delicious, pureed food has never tasted so good.

But these days we make hummus our own way, adding sweet chilli sauce, sorrel, olives, roasted pumpkin. Even subbing key ingredients tahini and chickpeas for the likes of peanut butter (cheaper and more egalitarian) and edamame. On this feed we will share weird, wonderful, and downright craveable versions of this beloved dip. Tag your own traditional takes and special tweak(s) and be a part of the feedfeed community.
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