Kabocha Squash

A Note From Jill Fergus

Kabocha (also known as Japanese pumpkin) is, hands down, my favorite winter squash. It has a very rich, sweet flavor, much sweeter than pumpkin, with a chestnut-like texture (similar to a sweet potato). It commonly has a dark green skin, though occasionally you'll be able to find some that are bright orange. The skin as also thin and edible, which translates to no peeling! Because it is so flavorful, Kabocha is delicious simply roasted, blended into soups, stews, porridges, is wonderful in vegetable tempura and is occasionally used in desserts (I suggest substituting it in your favorite pumpkin pie recipe). This squash is rich in beta carotene and contains iron, vitamin C, potassium with lesser amounts of calcium and folic acid, making this a wonderful source of nutrition and a winter squash your family is sure to love!
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