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Jill Fergus
New York, NY
Creative home cook & healthful foods enthusiast hoping to inspire all.

Gluten Free Brown Butter Pumpkin Bread with Chocolate Swirl

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Collard Green Veggie Rolls With Spicy Tahini Miso Dip
All of the veggies! Collard Green Veggie Rolls are a great way to get extra veggies and all of the colors of the rainbow into your family! Great for entertaining and picnics (think hand held kitchen sink salad), I'll definitely be making these for picnicking this holiday weekend. The secret to making these "user and eater friendly" is to parboil the leaves before rolling. Fortunately, the collards in my CSA have huge leaves. I make a yummy tahini miso dipping sauce (which easily converts to a peanut sauce) which always turns these into a huge crowd pleaser! The recipe for the dipping sauce is a few posts back (warning: it's habit forming) and will soon be on the blog! (Sorry, I'll stop saying that )
Asparagus With Poached Egg & Parmesan
I'm going to spam you with lots of asparagus. Hope you don't mind! Here is a magical trifecta- Asparagus with a Poached Egg and Parmesan. Here I also topped it with some kale blossoms. Seriously habit forming (and also wonderful with broccoli). Trim the edges and shave the bottoms of each spear. Toss with olive oil and season with flaky sea salt and fresh ground pepper. Place under the broiler for 3 minutes (slightly longer if asparagus are thicker). You want them "al dente". Coat with fresh grated Parmesan and top with a poached egg. Give it a poke and allow the yolk to run! Enjoy this for breakfast, lunch or dinner! Asparagus and eggs from @unsqgreenmarket . #asparagus #f52grams #thenewhealthy #cookcl #Foods4thought, #huffposttaste, #foodandwine, #glutenfree, #eattheworld, #BAreaders, #lifeandthyme, #cookit, #rslove #thekitchn #beautifulcuisines #hautecuisines #todayfood #kaylasarmy #feedtheswimmers #gloobyfood #thechalkboardeats #nytfood #feedfeed @thefeedfeed #heresmyfood @food #cherrybombesweeps #culinarydetour #myallrecipes #iamwellandgood #goopmake #fitfood
Spring Pizza With Pea And Ramp Pesto
I simply couldn't wait for another Spring Pizza and was craving the Pea Pesto we shared last weekend (@ful.filled @bitesonbytes @bliu07 #ptreyesworkshop2017 ), so came up with my version.
Baked Hazelnut Banana Bread Coffee Donuts
If you never thought a donut would make a healthful start to the day, think again! My original plan was to make my banana bread, but then I decided to have some fun with it! (Baked) Banana Bread Hazelnut and Coffee #Donuts with Dark Chocolate. Yup! I added a couple of Tbs of ground espresso to my banana bread recipe and subbed in hazelnut meal for the almond (because I was out of almond flour). Low in sugar and refined sugar free (use really overripe black bananas), loaded with flax meal and healthy fats, gluten free, dark chocolate- you get the picture. Oh, and did I say these are (were) delicious! For the chocolate dip, I warmed coconut oil with good quality cocoa powder and maple syrup. And, sprinkles make everything more fun! Definitely a winning humpday breakfast!
Polenta Fries
We love polenta and I always make more than I need as the leftovers are so much fun! We frequently waffle them, but when it can be spread into a baking dish to set and chill, my family goes crazy for Polenta Fries! These never disappoint and can be made in a fry pan with a small amount of oil or, fried in a large cast iron sauce pan in about 2" of oil. I love to do these in olive oil,(and sometimes use a combo of olive and grape seed oil) but I do make sure it stays below its smoke point, at about 350F, to retain its flavor and nutritional benefits. This splatters and makes a mess, but once in a while, that's okay! Serve with your favorite Marinara and some grated Parmesan for dipping. You may cut this in any shape you like- I've also done round disks and served these as mini pizza bites! Happy weekend! . . . . . #feedfeed @thefeedfeed #f52grams #thenewhealthy #cookcl #Foods4thought, #huffposttaste, #heresmyfood @food, #foodandwine, #glutenfree, #eattheworld, #BAreaders, #nytcooking, #tastingtable, #cookit, #seriouseats #foodphotography #foodgawker #rslove #thekitchn #marthafood #beautifulcuisines #buzzfeast #hautecuisines #emdailypic #todayfood #instagram #vegetarian #polenta #feedtheswimmers #bbcgoodfood
Spicy Chili Black Bean Soup
We love Black Bean Soup! I made a big pot yesterday (while pie making) and we still have a little left to enjoy today, which makes me very happy. I love making this very thick and puréeing the beans. You make purée half or omit this step entirely if you choose. Adjust chili peppers to suit your heat preference. Choose good quality ingredients for best outcome and please choose organic where you are able. This recipe is very flexible- adjust all seasoning to suit and based on what you have on hand!
Creamy Baked Potato And Kale With Caramelized Onion
Delicious (really delicious) Vegan Creamy Kale and Potato Bake. Yummy and so satisfying for a chilly evening. Recipe adapted from Kaity @fareisle. I used German Butterball and Purple Peruvian Potatoes and lots of lacinato Kale. I needed to omit the garlic a limit the onion- but that's how I need to roll. This is still so flavorful and such healthful comfort food! You want to make this. I baked this in my new @staub_usa cast iron oval baker- it couldn't be better!!!
Banana Chocolate Pancakes
Hot mess! This doesn't look refined, but does it hit the spot and is not nearly as decadent as it appears. This creation is worth making again and again! Think banana bread loaded with antioxidant packed dark chocolate but disguised as pancakes that ooze chocolate with every forkful! Refined sugar free (except for the dusting which you may omit and syrup not necessary), gluten free and dairy free.
Salmon Burger With Sriracha Aioli
I do love salmon, and creating and discovering fresh preparations for my family and friends is always at the top of my list! This amazingly delicious Salmon Burger recipe adapted from @bartsfishtales is simple to prepare, cooks up quickly and is sure to please any appetite! For a crowd, turn these into two bite sliders! (would be great for New Year'). Use wild salmon when you are able and you may ask the fishmonger to remove the skin for you. Here, I chose a multigrain gluten free bun. Choose your favorite (whole grain always best) and load this up with fresh avocado, leafy greens and sliced veggies for an even more impactful nutritional punch! This one will go on repeat!