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Valentine's Day Inspiration Recipes

Here is some love in the form of a natural explosion of colors in these recipes from the #feedfeed Community, featuring citrus, beets, berries and pomegranates.

A Note From thefeedfeed

Roses and a box of Chocolates are always great Valentine's Day gifts, but nothing can compare a lovely homemade meal made with care and of course, with love. Valentine's Day recipes should be three things. First it needs to be simple, no one has time to come home from work and prepare a 3 course meal that takes hours to make! Second, it needs to be cozy, that doesn't mean it should be a big pile of pasta. It means it should be a luscious Beef Bourguignon, Lamb Lollipops, or a loin roast. Second, there MUST be dessert. Maybe a Chocolate Cake, a creamy panna cotta, the list goes on. Take this time to cook for your loved ones, have a dinner party with all of your friends and share the love!