Here are some of our favorite doughnuts made by the #feedfeed Community!

A Note From Amy Ho

According to a somewhat reliable source on the internet, national donut day is celebrated on the first Friday of June each year. I’m really glad that donuts got a national day to celebrate their glorious deep-fried existence, but let’s be honest, everyday should be national donut day. Donuts are the perfect treat…or dare I say…meal? They make a socially acceptable breakfast alongside a steaming cup of coffee, they make a great afternoon snack, and I would never doubt the legitimacy of a donut as a dessert. Whether they are filled with lemon curd, coated generously with a chocolate glaze, or sandwiching a big slab of ice cream, donuts never disappoint. A donut doesn’t judge, will never break your heart, and we should be making and eating more of them.
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