You Should Be Baking With Olive Oil!

3 Feedfeed Recipes to Get You Started


It’s high time olive oil get a seat at the table
(the dessert table, that is)

by Food Editor Lisa Thompson 
Shift with the seasons and elevate your bakes by using bright, fresh olive oil instead of butter. These recipes are perfect for those of us looking to avoid dairy and for those of us just looking to switch things up! The peppery, slightly grassy notes in olive oil serve as the perfect counterpoint to common baking ingredients like warm spices, chocolate, and dried fruit. It’s best to use the highest quality extra-virgin olive oil you can afford to let its true colors (and flavors) shine. We love Brightland's Alive Extra-Virgin Olive Oil, but other common brands include California Olive Ranch, La Tourangelle, and Whole Foods' offering from their 365 line. 


Olive oil doesn’t have the water content that butter does, resulting in unique richness and texture that are definitely worth the calories. And because olive oil is a liquid at room temperature (hello, monounsaturated fat!), you get to skip the creaming process of typical baked goods.
Braided Cardamom Olive Oil Bread 
This fragrant cardamom bread is like a cross between challah and Swedish cardamom buns: eggy, light, and with a tender, cottony crumb. Work the dough into a simple three-strand braid, brush with egg wash, and sprinkle with some cardamom sugar on top for a crunch. Pop it in the oven and revel in the sweet aromas that are bound to fill your home.
Chocolate Olive Oil Baked Donuts 

These light, chocolatey baked donuts are perfect for that afternoon chocolate fix or weekend brunch. Oat flour, almond butter, and almond meal add structure while keeping these lovely, curvilinear delights gluten-free. Freshly grated zucchini provides a moist crumb and virtually melts into the batter. Give the donuts a dunk in a fudgey, olive oil-infused glaze reminiscent of the packaged snack cakes of my childhood, only better (and dare I say better for you).
Olive Oil Blondies with Apricots and Pistachios 

Earthy dark rye flour adds heartiness to these rich, apricot-and-pistachio-studded olive oil blondies. The olive oil lends a gooey center and crisp golden edges to elevate typical blondies.