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Dev Amadeo
Puerto Rico
I'm aiming to turn everyday food into something everyday wonderful.

Chicken & Biscuit Pot Pie

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Black Ink Pasta With Spicy Roasted Seafood
Is it too early for a spooky pasta? I made this shooting two months ago but never got the chance to publish the recipe but I’m happy I get to do it now because it looks perfect for a fun and quick Halloween meal! Ink pasta in a gingery broth with spicy roasted seafood, everything takes 20 minutes!
Crispy Vanilla Waffles Topped With Brie And Blueberries
Today's not about dreaming, is about making someone else dream about you ✨✨ Brie cheese, blueberry jam waffle toasts this Wednesday morning ? Have a wonderful day!
Mexican Hot Chocolate Bundt Cake
Reborn in new light, because light is light, no matter in what direction it comes ? Happy Easter Sunday friends! Another shot of this chocolate cake, it's so pretty and soft I can't get over it ?????? Cake recipe from the latest issue of @thebakefeed and you can find it in the blog...
Honeycomb Coconut Cake With Lemon Curd
Oh honey, let's make some cake! ?? Wouldn't this be the bomb on your Easter brunch table?! Recipe is on the blog archives... I'll be traveling for a few days, missing my kitchen and my camera, but can't wait to get back and share with you a super delicious Easter cake recipe I just made! In the meantime, let's have fun and enjoy our weekend friends! Hope you have good plans! ?
Spiced Cranberry Sauce
Have never been a fan of port wines until I tried Graham's Six Grapes during an anniversary dinner and oh my, where had it been all this time?! To celebrate this discovery I used it to make this year's Thanksgiving cranberry sauce, along with grapefruit juice and maple syrup. Super easy and in less than 20 minutes! Hopefully tomorrow on the blog in this year's Thanksgiving series, if I stop hanging around ? Also, I'll be hosting a Facebook live event tomorrow at 8pm AT to talk everything Thanksgiving! This time will be in Spanish but you can come around to say hi and ask me anything in English and I'll answer through the comments ?? Have a great afternoon guys!! ?
Ginger Waffles With Pears
Wishing you a wonderful day! Thanks for all your lovely comments on my last post, thank God everything is fine now, I can't wait to sit down for a little while and catch up with you guys, see your posts and what you have been up to! ? Some ginger waffles made with coconut milk to start it great!! ?
Pappardelle Pasta With Garden Peas, Pesto And Cherry Tomatoes
The status outside my window is hot! This pappardelle with peas, pesto and tomatoes and the idea of simple pastas will cover much of our food needs for summer ☀️ I fell in love with the idea of simple vegetables, olive oil and pasta a while ago, you can find the story along with this recipe in my last post at the PdG site, take a peek! Have a lovely day friends!!
Quinoa And Mushroom Sliders
Only if you want to veggie up your National Burger Day game! Quinoa and mushrooms sliders with a pomegranate avo pico de gallo.
Turkey Burger With Pesto Mayo, Arugula And Pickled Onions
How to Build a Better Burger is on with key guidelines for making a great poultry and beef burgers even without a recipe, so you are ready for the summer holiday season! Here's a super juicy turkey burger with arugula, pesto mayo and pickled onions Soon, the vegetarian and fish edition... And super excited bc next week I'll sharing the whole story in my takeover of the @thefeedfeed Snapchat account, so add us and don't miss it! Have a happy evening friends!!
Smoked Gouda, Mushroom And Rosemary Country Loaf Grilled Cheese
Leap day is for waffled grilled cheese with smoked Gouda cheese and olive oil sautéed mushrooms in a rosemary Parmesan country loaf I'm pretty sure calories don't count today Hope you are enjoying your Monday!!