Cooking with Wine

The meals featured here were shared with us by members of the feedfeed community
who added #feedfeed to images of meals they made with wine.
Below are a few of our favorites.

A Note From Abigail P. Z. Bordigioni

Cooking with wine is good for you. In every way. Adding Wine in lieu of stock (or water) infuses richness and flavor to what otherwise might be a mundane dish. Remember to 1.) sip wine while cooking and 2.) never waste wine. A bottle of good wine represents at least one year (if not 4-5) of human effort. Should you not finish a bottle, never ever pitch it. Instead, cork it, leave it on the counter by your oils and save for later to use with cooking, roasts, and soups. For Wine is God's Gift to Man. There's no question about that.
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Abigail P. Z. Bordigioni


Annadel Estate Winery Sonoma Valley, CA

Traded NASA for Wine Country. Making Wine as Great as our Food.

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