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Dinner Parties Recipes

The posts featured were shared with us by members of the feedfeed community who added #feedfeed to images of meals and desserts they made. Below are a few of our favorites to serve at a dinner party.

A Note From nocrumbsleft

A note from Teri - Dinner parties are what you make them. As a lifelong, passionate foodie, I adore magic. Magical dinner parties can mean anything from dragging your dining room table onto the lawn along with your best dishes and silver, or Tuesday taco night in the kitchen. An inspired dinner party can rekindle that unique and special magic of childhood, while being either elegant or homespun with a variety of dishes from a delicious salad to a cozy stew. Create alchemy: the devotion and intention in the cooking infuses friends and family with love on holidays and special occasions. Alchemy happens when guests are served with love. Transformational events leave guests with memories that last, and photos that inspire.