Herb and Spice Infused Cocktails

Here are some of our favorite Herb and Spice Infused Cocktails made by the #feedfeed community.

A Note From Angela Packard

There's no denying the abundant uses of herbs and spices... but have you tried them in a cocktail?! If that seems intimidating and only for the "seasoned" mixologist, then have no fear. Below, you'll find recipes for both classic and "bold" combinations giving each of these cocktails their own flare and complexity. These recipes use methods such as infusing, grinding, muddling or blending herbs and spices into cocktails, alleviating the need for artificial mixes. So next time you're running to the store to stock up on cocktail essentials, be sure to head over to the produce section, (or check out your local farmers market) for fresh herbs and spices. These creative cocktails won't have you missing overly sugary, HFCS and preservative laden cocktails (or hangovers!) Now go grab a friend and "spice" it up... A delicious cocktail awaits you. Cheers!
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