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Sparkling Pear and Honey Mocktails
Recipe Intro From feedfeed

When you don't want to 'drink' but want something pretty to drink. Mocktails are a great way to be apart of the group without drinking just 'soda'. It's also fun to mix up some juice spritz and this honey and roasted pear mocktail is definitely a pretty drink to have at a party of a low key weekend brunch!

Team mocktails or cocktails for 🦃 day? Either way, I’m thinking the Monday before the holiday crazies is the perfect time to “test out” that Thanksgiving drink. I got you covered bae 😉 Here’s to entertaining made easy with HONEY ROASTED SPARKLING PEAR COCKTAILS or MOCKTAILS 🥂 And might I add, here’s to entertaining made simple with delicious, real food 🤜 ⁣⁣ -@cottercrunch