Sweet Galettes

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TIP: Always grate the butter for your pastry. Yes, using a cheese grater. Yes, it will change your life into a flaky, buttery dream. Yes, you’re welcome.

A Note From Lily Diamond

Real talk: I started making galettes because pies always felt a bit prim and proper for my island girl forager-meets-big city gourmet taste. A galette, though, was a ride-or-die kitchen companion I could seriously get down with.

Galettes are free form and adaptable to any flavor palate, they accept the fruits of every season, and—most importantly—they're effortlessly elegant. They also play well with whipped cream, which I often spike with blushes of maple, rose, Cointreau, cardamom, and other adventurous flavors. I could go on for days about my love of the galette.
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Lily Diamond


Los Angeles, CA

Kale & Caramel is food for all five senses by Lily Diamond. Local, seasonal, and deliciously simple.

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