Savory Tarts and Galettes

There’s something irrepressibly sexy about a savory tarte, galette, or pie. Something in the juxtaposition of savory where you expect sweet, the understated elegance of flour and butter, and the nourishing strength of earthy flavors and herbs.

A Note From Lily Diamond

I love a savory tarte for its bold showcasing of hearty ingredients, and for the way it urges you, unknowingly, towards experimentation. Take the bait. Mess around on your tabula rasa of dough. Try something new. You’ll always have another blank canvas awaiting your next creation. I could go on for days about my love of the galette, but instead I’ll say this:

Always grate the butter for your pastry. Yes, using a cheese grater. Yes, it will change your life into a flaky, buttery dream. Yes, you’re welcome.
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Kale & Caramel is food for all five senses by Lily Diamond. Local, seasonal, and deliciously simple.

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