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Becky Sue Wilberding
Santa Barbara, CA
Baker, Photographer, Content Producer at Feedfeed & Recipe Maker with a dash of sass.

Watermelon Agua Fresca Keg

My Recipes
Black And White Tahini Cookies
They're black, they're white, they're kinda everything you ever wanted in a cookie. These Black & White Tahini Cookies balance earthy undertones with a kiss of understated sweetness. The soft, squishy centers & crunchy sesame exteriors create a yin-yang of flavor & texture that is undeniably delicious. I like to think of them as a peanut butter cookie for grown-ups.
Peach Pie With Rye Whiskey
I'm participating in a peach inspired food blogger collaboration and we will be filling your feeds (and your pie shells) with peachy keen recipes all day tomorrow, June 29th! Follow the hashtag #summerlovespeaches for all kinds of juicy peach recipes, including my new recipe for Rye Rye Peach Pie posting on . . . #peaches #peachpie #ryeryepeachpie #millionsofpeaches
Mexican Street Cornbread On A Stick
Spice up your Cinco de Mayo with my Mexican Street Cornbread On A Stick. Topped with a fresh squeeze of lime juice, a messy smear of Mexican crema, salty crumbly cotija cheese, bold and spicy ancho chile powder & fresh cilantro - it's a fresh baked fiesta!
Tangerine Pimm's Cup
April is Ojai Pixie Month! A whole month dedicated to the juicy, sweet, sun-filled tangerines that grow like wildflowers in the sheltered and mountainous region of Ojai (Oh, Hi) California. In celebration of these magical little Pixies, I collaborated with @fullframefoodie to come up with a new cocktail recipe for this Pixie Pimm's Cup! It's a zesty twist on the classic British cocktail using magically delicious Ojai Pixies as a base and finishing with a sparkling splash of Prosecco.
Brown Butter Dunderi With Mizithra Cheese
After this past week I think we could all use a little comfort food. Reset this weekend with my Browned Butter Mizithra Dunderi with Red Sauce, it's like one big, comforting bear hug. Inspired by two of my favorite comforts @oldspaghettifactory's Browned Butter & Mizithra Pasta and superstar Chef @jennlouis' recipe for Dunderi from her insanely awesome book "Pasta by Hand".
Fig Mascarpone Tart
It's national kale day and I wish I was celebrating with this rich and luxurious Fig Mascarpone Tart with Pistachio Black Pepper Crust and a bottle of @kalewines Sonoma County Home Run Cuvée.
Pancetta Scones With Smoked Cheddar
Celebrating the first day of Fall with a new recipe jam packed with comfort foods! These Smoked Cheddar Pancetta Scones are loaded with savory Fall flavors like smoked cheddar from @tillamook, crispy pancetta, warm black pepper and herby chives. Make a batch this weekend and you are sure to cozy up with a blanket and a hot cup of joe for a lazy, slow Autumn morning.