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A Note From Amy Tischler

When the word “Summer” comes to mind, I don’t know about you, but besides sunny beach days and backyard barbecues, the first thing I think of is Watermelon. From the moment you take that initial crunchy bite to the very end when sweet juice is dripping down your face, watermelon is so much more than a cooling, refreshing treat. Whether you throw it on the grill, turn it into a cocktail, make it the star of a salad or appetizer, whip it into a dessert or just enjoy it by it’s own fabulous self, the versatility of watermelon makes it great in both sweet and savory dishes. And I’m not just talking about using the pretty pink flesh, but the rinds and seeds as well! Watermelon is also packed with nutrients such as Vitamin C and Lycopene, which is awesome for your heart, and since it’s also made up of 92% water, it’s a great (and tasty) way to stay hydrated on those hot summer days.
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    in partnership with Shun Cutlery
  • Watermelon, Feta and Pesto Salad Skewers

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