Layer Cakes

A Note From Tessa Huff

Layer cakes are the perfect combination of cake, filling, and frosting. I’m talking sky-high confections to be enjoyed at nearly any birthday, special celebration, dinner party, and even a casual Tuesday afternoon. They are the quintessential desserts for combing different flavors and textures to create one mouth-watering treat. Frosted with silky, smooth buttercream or left icing-less, layer cakes also provide a blank canvas for edible garnishes, swirls of buttercream, decorative sugar work, and more! From classics like Red Velvet with cream cheese icing and buttermilk cake with fluffy fudge frosting to the latest trends like “naked” cakes, “drip” cakes, and those covered in sprinkles, there is always a reason to celebrate with a slice of layer cake.
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Vancouver, BC

Cake designer, baker, photographer, and author of "Layered" cookbook.

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