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Bloody Red Velvet Halloween Cupcakes
Halloween is 20 days away. I have no idea what to dress up as and don't know how I'll be celebrating. But I do know it will involve bloody desserts! This is a bloody red velvet cake with raspberry "blood"
Mixed Citrus Rum Punch
This citrus rum punch combines OJ, grapefruit juice, lemonade, and limeade with silver rum and spiced rum. It's the kind of drink that is deceptively strong, yet easy to chug.
Caramel, Chocolate And Bourbon Mini Pies
When I think of the Kentucky Derby, three things come to mind: 1) big hats, 2) that insane rose garland the winner gets, and 3) BOURBON! I've got your Derby viewing party dessert table covered with these mini bourbon caramel Derby pies featuring @ghirardelli 's newest chocolate squares!
Olive Oil Chocolate Chunk Cookies
Debating whether I should bake more olive oil chocolate chunk cookies. Side note: I'm going to Seattle next week to hang with my BFF. Tell me your favorite places to eat and drink in Seattle! (And more importantly, where should I get donuts?) Thanks!!!
Blood Orange Tarts With Earl Grey Cream
Today's kitchen fun: I made these little tarts (and I'm trying hard not to eat them all) They're filled with earl grey pastry cream and topped with blood orange segments and crushed pistachios!
Spicy Cayenne Buttermilk Chocolate Cake Donuts
Happy Valentine's Day! I made us donuts. Baked cayenne chocolate donuts. They're sweet, spicy, and oh so chocolatey. (Buttermilk cayenne chocolate cake dipped in melted dark chocolate topped with chocolate jimmies, cinnamon, and cayenne)
Savory Scallion And Cheddar Buns
They say to keep your friends close and your enemies closer. If that's true, carbs must be my worst enemy. I keep carbs (especially breads) very close, within arm's reach close during most of my waking hours.
Filipino Chocolate Rice Porridge
All this rain has me craving dishes from my childhood. I'm sharing the recipe for this champorado (Filipino chocolate rice porridge). Believe it or not, this is traditionally eaten for breakfast! But there's a catch. It's typical served with dried salted fish. I prefer to omit the fish and pile on the sweetened condensed milk on top!
Chocolate Chip Brownies
I'm watching Home Alone for the 500th time. (Alex and I have the entire script memorized by heart ) Instead of cheese pizza, we're eating these triple chocolate brownies.