GF Meal Plan: AAPI Heritage Month



The month of May is a time to celebrate Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders in the United States. There are so many ways that this diverse group contributes to making our world more creative, more exciting, and more robust. We want to dedicate this extended Special Edition Meal Plan to highlight all of the irresistible dishes our generous AAPI community members have shared with us at The Feedfeed. Here you’ll find a collection of recipes that are gluten-free or that can be adapted with a few substitutions (think slurpable noodles, vibrant sauces, and veggie-focused dishes). We also encourage you to get inspired and go support your local Asian markets and grocery stores that are teeming with bright, fresh ingredients begging to be incorporated into your everyday cooking repertoire.

If you make any of the recipes, snap a photo and tag us #feedfeed @thefeedfeed on Instagram or TikTok for a chance to be featured. Happy cooking! 
Cilantro Chutney with Ginger
By @Sarchakra

Cilantro lovers only! This vibrant chutney is one of those good-on-everything condiments that adds an instant burst of flavor to your meals. Packed with fresh cilantro, whole cumin seeds, green chilies, and apple, it’s the perfect addition to your meal prep lineup because it will last in the fridge for 5 days, or can be frozen into ice cubes and defrosted in a flash!

Tom Kha Gai
By @Annafatlowitz

Galangal may resemble ginger at first glance, but just ginger won’t cut it in this dish (which literally has the Thai word for galangal in its name!) Galangal can be found at Asian markets and has a citrusy, almost piney flavor, which is quite different from ginger. This coconut milk-based stew is a reminder of home for Feedfeed’s @Annafatlowitz.

Nasu Dengaku
By @Ellielikescooking

This Japanese-style eggplant can be made in an air fryer or roasted in the oven until deeply caramelized. Brush with a rich sauce made from miso, sake, and a little sugar before returning to the oven to help bloom the flavors and create an umami-packed dish that is sure to become your new favorite side dish.

Lunar New Year Braised Mushrooms and Lettuce
By @Thestephpn

This earthy, comforting dish is enjoyed by Feedfeed’s @thestphpn to celebrate the first day of the Lunar New Year. With traditions rooted in Buddhist practices, many people eat a vegetarian meal shared with family on the first day of the New Year to promote purity and cleansing for the year to come.

Gluten Free Gulab Jamun
By @Eatwkriss

These fluffy, cloud-like confections use a blend of sweet potato, tapioca starch, almond flour, and rice flour that comes together to create a light batter before being scooped and fried to golden perfection. Dunk into a fragrant cardamom and lemon syrup that makes for a truly addictive bite.

Pancit Palabok with Yuba Noodles
By @Rezelkealoha

Delicate yuba noodles are served in pork and tofu-packed sauce flavored with homemade prawn stock, fish sauce, and achuete (annatto) powder for a colorful kick. This meal is perfect for big family dinners when you need something cozy and deeply flavorful. Serve family-style with bowls of traditional toppings like poached prawns, lemon or kalamansi citrus wedges, quail eggs, chicharron, tinapa (smoked fish flakes), and plenty of fresh sliced scallions. Don’t let the prep list scare you off- the bulk of this dish can be made in advance!

Japanese Curry with Soft Scrambled Eggs
By @Eatchofood

Curry dishes are found all throughout Asia, although few have become mainstream in the United States. Have you been introduced to Japanese-style curry? The flavorful, thick sauce is spiced with curry powder (sometimes formed into “bricks”)  and typically features potatoes and carrots as well as some pickled veggies or eggs to serve alongside. This version has fluffy scrambled eggs and perfectly cooked rice.

Ramyun Noodles
By @Cookerru

These steamy, slurpable noodles might just be your newest quick-dinner savior. Kimchi, sesame oil, garlic, and scallions add fresh flavor to a simple broth made with your favorite packaged ramyun noodles (or gluten-free ramyun!). The addition of soft tofu and an egg make for a protein-packed dish you can whip up in minutes.

Sticky Sesame Chickpeas
By @Magentastreaks

Everyone needs a go-to meal they can make with a can of chickpeas. This pantry-friendly dish has a maple-sweetened garlic and ginger sauce you’ll want to put on everything. We love serving this with rice, but could be served with your favorite gf noodle for a spin on sesame noodles!

Spicy Chili Oil Noodles
By @Honeysuckle

Who doesn’t love a big bowl of spicy noodles for a midweek pick-me-up?! Chewy, wide-cut Asian noodles are perfect for sopping up a garlicky, spicy sauce made with Chinese black vinegar and plenty of hot chili flakes! Serve with a side of some blanched baby bok choy for a perfect dinner situation.

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