The meals featured here were shared with us by members of the feedfeed community who added #feedfeed to images of food they made. Here are a few of our favorite Buckwheat recipes.

A Note From Sofia Eydelman

A warm bowl of toasted buckwheat, served with a generous pat of butter, as a side dish or a bowl of warm cereal is an Eastern European staple that I was lucky to grow up with. I’m so excited to see it finally flourish as an ingredient in everything from baked goods and pancakes to savoury noodles. Buckwheat has gained recent popularity as a gluten-free alternative to wheat, but the grain-like seed is so much more than just an alternative with its distinctively nutty taste, and plenty of nutritional benefits. The feedfeed community is full of creative and inspiring ideas for making buckwheat a staple in your kitchen!
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Relentless experimenter, mess maker, and picture taker. Seasonal recipes inspired by ingredients found close to home.

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