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Sofia Eydelman
Toronto, Ontario
Relentless experimenter, mess maker, and picture taker. Seasonal recipes inspired by ingredients found close to home.

Savory Oatmeal Bowls with Kale, Cherry Tomatoes, Parmesan Cheese and Poached Egg

My Recipes
Spring Quiche
There's some delicious spring quiche up on the @lacanche_canada blog, and it's filled with sorrel, spinach, and leeks, then topped with feta and tarragon!
Black Rice Noodle Bowl With Roasted Squash And Creamy Miso Dressing
I discovered some delicious new foodstuffs over the past few weeks and put them all in a bowl for you ;) This black rice noodle bowl is topped with roasted squash, avo, egg, arugula microgreens, and creamy miso dressing. Oh...and #shichimitogarashi! #blackricenoodles #microgreens #egg #arugula #squash #noodles #bowlfood #buddahbowl #miso #eattherainbow #cleaneats #nourish #glutenfree
Rutabaga And Apple Soup
Hiding behind all the pumpkins and squash is the rutabaga, a delicious fall vegetable very worthy of your love. Not sure about how to cook it Try this curried rutabaga soup from @jennifermclagan's book, Bitter.
Roasted Plum & Cardamom Ice Cream
...when your ice cream scoop expresses exactly how you feel about your ice cream ? Roasted Plum + Cardamom ice cream from @siftandwhisk (search her archives, it's from 2013), featuring those gorgeous #nfftt plums. #icecream #plums #cardamom #feedfeed