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Blueberry Cashew "cheesecake"
Berrylicious vibes (recipe below) another recipe that is versatile and pretty much take the base of this recipe and make what ever flavors you want. My most current cake recipe is slightly different than this, but once you make this you'll be able to learn for your self what kind of consistency you like best. Anyway, enjoy this lovely Sunday I'm off to go grocery shopping since I have nothing in the fridge and finishing up my homework. Stay well xoxo
Vegan Potato And Eggplant Curry
Happy saint Patrick's day! Posting this curry with all the green love for this holiday. I'm wondering if it's just an Irish and American holiday? haha I tend not to celebrate holidays anyway, but here was the chance to post this soup bowl full of veggies.
Almond Crusted Masala Chickpea Pizza With Coconut Tomato Sauce
Indian inspired Pizza, since I've been helping my friend make almond milk I've had tons of almond meal to create recipes with. Unfortunately, I only made this crust once and need to experiment, but if you need the coconut tomato sauce and masala chickpea recipe will be down below. The sauce was SO good I recommend making this, seriously was so mouth watering haha so so good. It's actually one of my older recipes. If you make this tag me I would love to see it. Happy Friday. .
Chai Pumpkin Cake
Chai Pumpkin Cake. I re-made this recipe for my families thanksgiving, I wanted to show them how easy it is to eat vegan foods. Not only is this holiday full of slaughter and torture of turkeys, but we are supporting the unsustainable practice of agriculture. Hopefully with my knowledge of regenerative/sustainable agriculture I can be part of the new generation that changes this system from inside out. One thing I do know is that if we (the people) boycott a certain product, we the people will prevail. I say vote with your dollar and that's how we will change this world for the better. .
Raw Apple Persimmon Pie
Raw Apple Persimmon Pie! this raw pie was so good that I basically ate half of this and shared the rest with my friends. This recipe was inspired by Kristina @fullyrawkristina and you all know she has been a major inspiration for this plant based community. This pie is gluten free, refine sugar free, nut and seed free, so hopefully many of you can try this delicious and easy recipe. This is also another entry for the @thefeedfeed and @udisglutenfree . . . #feedfeed #holidaysgonegf #pumpkinspice #mulberries
Jackfruit Tacos With Turmeric Sauerkraut
Tinga Tacos topped with turmeric ginger sauerkraut, slicer tomatoes, cilantro, and purple cabbage. I even added some coconut yogurt as a topping because I use to love adding sour cream to my tacos. Tinga is a Mexican dish made with chicken instead of jackfruit, but of course I had to make it vegan. This is probably the best taco recipe I’ve ever made and if you decide to give this a go, it only too about 25-30 minutes to make.  PS tag me if you make this recipe I might just share my favorites. Have a positive filled weekend let's stay together.
Eggplant And Fried Plantain Quesadillas
Good morning friends! These quesadillas are made with vegan cheese, roasted eggplant, fried plantains, cilantro, tomatoes, cabbage, wilted spinach, with a side of guacamole, and coconut sour cream. I wanted to thank you guys for being so amazing and supportive. I appreciate every one of you and I truly read all your comments and hope you guys have a blessed week ahead.
Deep Sea Chia Parfait
Deep Sea Chia Parfait, Do you guys believe in empaths. I was talking to my mother the other day about this. It happens multiple times where my mom connects ? with me without being close to each other. My mom always knew that she was extra sensitive to energies and how sometimes we intuitively know something will happen. It's interesting to experience this and how often it occurs... we astonished each other even though it happens all the time. I don't want to talk about this to much, so I don't sound crazy. I really just wanted to ask you guys if you'd experience being an empath