Our Top 5 Vegan Brownie Recipes!

For whenever the chocolate craving strikes!



Our Top 5 Vegan Brownie Recipes 

Sometimes you just need something sweet, like a decadent chocolate brownie, but keep it vegan, please!  We've pulled together five of our favorite vegan brownie recipes so you have plenty of brownie inspo for whenever the chocolate craving strikes. We've even included a few recipes that are naturally sweetened with a can of sweet peas, bananas or candied citrus! 

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Chocolate Orange Brownies by @lazycatkitchen

It's no suprise that orange and chocolate play well together, in these vegan brownies oranges are lightly candied, chopped and folded into the brownie batter. Make sure to reserve a few orange slices for a show stopping garnish! 

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Vegan Chocolate Peanut Butter Brownies by @nm_meiyee

Creamy peanut butter and decadent chocolate are swirled together to create an impressive topping for these easy vegan brownies. Simply bake, chill and serve!  

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Sweet Pea Brownies by @elavegan

The secret ingredient to these brownies, believe it or not, are a can of peas! The peas bring a subtle sweetness and give the brownies their fudgy, moist texture. 

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Vegan Chocolate Banana Brownies by @pageandplatestudio

Mashed bananas are folded into batter to add moisture and a touch of sweetness. These vegan brownies are made with only 9 ingredients making them perfect for when you need a last-minute decadent chocolate dessert! 

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Raw Date Brownies by @ginaa_marie99

These vegan brownies are the easiest raw dessert! A little bit of dates, chocolate, ground hazelnuts and coconut oil make for a tasty treat that will have you asking for seconds!

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