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This is a collection of healthy and wholesome plant-based food enjoyed by children and parents alike. All the meals have some elements in common: colorful rainbow vegetables, fruits and other nutrient-rich ingredients, and familiar, comfortable flavors. There's also a magical element - a creative, fun twist to a simple meal, which makes all the difference. It might be food eaten from a beautiful fruit bowl, food colored pink and yellow with nature's own coloring agents (beetroot and turmeric!), or simply conventional "fast food" made in a healthy vegan way. It's these little elements which can make a meal appealing to even the picky eaters of the family. Whether you're searching for inspiration for meatless Mondays, variation to plant-based family meals, or just delicious and healthy breakfast, lunch, dinner, snack and sweet treat ideas we've got you covered on this Family-Friendly vegan feed.
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Tiina Strandberg


Helsinki, Finland

Plant-based foodie & recipe creator of family-friendly vegan food.

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