GLUTEN FREE Pantry Plan: April 5th

Gluten-free pantry friendly recipes!


Photo by @rachelgurjar
A lot of things have changed in the past month in the face of COVID-19, but one thing that remains constant is the need to cook and nourish yourself, or your family. In this weekly guide, we provide recipes that you can easily pull off based on pantry staples and what you might have on hand. We provide tweaks and substitutions you might need, keeping in mind that access to fresh ingredients may be hard to come by. We hope you use it as inspiration to turn out healthy and hearty meals while riding out this storm at home. Stay safe, be well and take some comfort in the kitchen.
Things to Use This Week: Use this as a guide for what to stock up on at the store, or what to grab from your pantry. 

Sweet Potatoes

Dried fruit
Frozen ground meat
Things to Prep Ahead This Week: We realize some of the items we rely on from the store each week may be difficult to come by. Here are a few basics you might want to consider making yourself to be as resourceful as possible and to add lots of flavor to your pantry meals! 
GF Waffles (make a big batch and store them in the freezer!)

Chicken or Vegetable Stock

Bomba Sauce (This homemade Calabrian chili sauce is delicious on everything!)

Fridge Pickles!  (Veggies starting to lose their crispness? Revive them with an easy pickle recipe)

Jammy Eggs 
Use these as a guide for inspiration. Just because you don't have every single ingredient doesn't mean you can't replicate the main flavor of the dish! 
Three Cheers for Eggs
Eggs may be hard to come by at the moment, but for good reason!  These wonders of nature can do just about everything. Fry them for a perfect breakfast, soft-boil for a delicious lunch, bake them into a scrumptious dinner or whip them into a decadent dessert. 
Garlicky Lentils and Tomatoes with a Soft Boiled Egg and Tahini Honey Sauce by @saratane

Just look at that yolk! Got a can of cooked lentils in the pantry? Perfect! If not, make a batch on the stove top then jazz them up with garlic, ginger and a creamy tahini sauce.

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Chilaquiles Verdes with Fried Eggs by @dianemorrisey

This dish is made by frying up tortilla chips in your favorite salsa.  If you don't have any chips, you can make your own by toasting corn tortillas (tossed in oil) in the oven at 425˚F for about 8 minutes, flipping them over halfway through. 

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Great Gluten Free Grains (and seeds!)
Rummage through that pantry; it's time to put nuts, gluten free grains and seeds to work. 
Smoky Tofu Quinoa and Vegetable Chili by @rachelgurjar

This chili is made from a base of tofu and quinoa. The quinoa makes the dish very hearty!  The tofu is lovely here as it takes on all the flavors of the spices, but if you don't have any, you can omit.

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Cranberry Rice with Crispy Shallots and Nuts by @rachelgurjar

This is a genius recipe for clearing out the panty! Make some rice, toss in some toasted nuts and dried fruit and toss the whole thing with a zesty vinaigrette. Yum!

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Sweet, Sweet Potatoes 
This is an ode to the humble sweet potato which can go from sweet to savory and everywhere in between.
Chunky Vegan Sweet Potato Curry by @brokegirltable

This is a clean out the fridge kind of curry. Toss in whatever veggies you have on hand! 

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Thai Sweet Potato Parsnip Soup with Almond Milk, Ginger and Red Curry by @thefeedfeed

This creamy dairy-free soup is very comforting.  Don't have parsnips? Use carrots instead.

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Weekend Bonus

Creamy Hummus with Garlic, Toasted Sesame and Parsley Topping by @herbs_and_roots

If you learn one new skill during this time at home, let it be the art of homemade hummus. It's so creamy you'll never what to go back to store bought!  One secret we like to use is adding a bit of the aquafaba (or liquid from cooking chickpeas or liquid from the can) to the chickpeas while blending to make things extra smooth.

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Need some more help and inspiration during this difficult time? Send us a DM or post a photo of what you have on hand in stories and we'll send you some recipe ideas!