5 Winter Citrus Recipes to Brighten Your Day!

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Vitamin C isn't just a singer from the 2000's. 

Ahh, February, the time of the year where people start to grow weary of slow braises, bubbling stews and slow cooker meals. And I get it, I feel you, I myself am beginning to crave the bounty that spring brings. But staring down the barrel of winter, I decided to do the only thing I could think of to brighten up my mood, and that’s indulge in an excess of citrus. I’ve put together my bucket list citrus recipes, spanning sweet, savory and cocktails! Now go get some of that Vitamin C and we’ll make it through ‘til March, I promise.
Citrus Chicken with Sweet Mustard and Watercress
By @daenskitchen
Spatchcocking is my favorite way to cook whole poultry. It cuts down on cook time so much and it’s a fun way to use those kitchen shears someone got you as a Christmas present that you have yet to use. The star of the show may be the chicken, but this recipe’s use of both grapefruits and oranges brings a beautiful brightness, with a hint of bitterness from the grapefruit. Absolutely add this to your weekend rotation!



Satsuma Mimosas
by @fortheloveofthesouth

A variety of mandarin, the satsuma has become a cult favorite! Their easy-to-peel skin, sweet but with a hint of tart and incredibly amount of juice makes them perfect for a mimosa. Do as Amber Wilson (@fortheloveofthesouth) does and juice a ton of satsumas and freeze the juice! That way you can enjoy this simple, refreshing cocktail year round.



Teff Flatbread with Buttery Citrus Chanterelles
by @mwashite

If you’ve never worked with teff before, now is the time to try! Hailing from the Horn of Africa, (mainly Ethiopia and Eritrea) this ancient grain is used for everything under the sun, ranging from the well-known injera to Mwashite Musuba’s teff flatbread. The sweet, light flavor perfectly compliments the buttery, lemon laded mushrooms that grace the top of this crispy cracker.



Grapefruit, Orange, Radicchio and Shaved Fennel Salad
by @wellandvibrant

I'm a sucker for a good citrus salad. Add in the light licorice-y flavors of fennel and the bitter, robustness of radicchio and I’m in heaven. This is the perfect dish to transport you right out of winter.



Blood Orange Quick Bread with Blood Orange Glaze
by @olivesnthyme

Can we talk about blood oranges for a minute? Whenever they come in season, I buy as many as I can and eat with full gusto for as long as they’re around! This quick bread is the sweet recipe of my dreams. Using both the zest and the juice, it beautifully captures the sweetness, tartness and subtle bitterness of a blood orange. Run, not walk to the kitchen to make this!



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