5 Spooky Halloween Cocktail Recipes

Happy Halloween!


Spooky Sips

We're all celebrating the holidays a little differently this year, but that doesn't mean we can't still celebrate in style! I've rounded up 5 colorful Halloween cocktails that will put a bit of pep in that spooky step. Everything ranging from smoky mezcal cocktails, to the ultimate pumpkin fall drink. So let's raise a glass to the hair-raising holiday of the season!
Smoky Negroni Sour⁣
by @thebitterfairy
This cocktail combines two classics, the Negroni and the Whiskey Sour, together into a smoky masterpiece. It's a great use for any rosemary you might want to use up, as the drier the herbs are, the more smokiness they're impart.

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Spicy Jalapeño Cucumber Cocktail
by @liquid.chef

This spicy cocktail will jazz up any Halloween celebration! It's laden with pickled jalapeño, cucumber juice and finished with a spicy rim. 

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The Aviation Cocktail
by @designingdrunk

If Purple People Eaters were a drink, this would be the one! This drink uses gin, Luxardo, Crème De Violette and a bit of lemon to brighten it up. 

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Gingery Black Manhattan
by @giraffescanbake

When you're craving a twist on a classic, go with this Gingery Black Manhattan! The ginger liqueur gives an extra depth of flavor, blending with the bourbon and coffee bitters.

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Pumpkin Hot Toddy
by @elementshrub

This warming drink is the perfect thing for fall! It uses pumpkin butter to put a spin on a classic hot toddy. Garnish with a cinnamon stick and orange peel and you're ready to go!

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