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Today, bourbon — the corn-based, barrel-aged spirit that accounts for the vast majority of whiskey made in the US — isn't just a drink, but a part of our culture. From the settlers who first set up stills in 18th century Kentucky, to the pioneers who carried it west after the Civil War, to the pre-Prohibition bartenders who innovated the mixed drink [the Old-Fashioned, Manhattan and Mint Julep all call for bourbon], to the modern mixologists who revived those classics in our time, it's hard to image cocktail history (or the cocktail, full stop) without bourbon. Endlessly versatile — sip it on the rocks, mix it into cocktails, or even into food — and endlessly complex, bourbon deserves its place as one of the most respected and widely used ingredients in the world. My favorite bourbon recipes stay true to the made-in-America honesty of the spirit by drawing inspiration from seasonal flavors. Find some of the best ones right here!
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Cocktail recipes inspired by the season & easy enough to make at home.

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