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How to Make Chocolate Coating

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Raspberry & Lime Rum Spritzer
this weekend we finally got started on our resolution to camp more in 2017. it was a far cry from sipping cocktails in the back garden (a typical weekend activity), but we managed to cook up a killer potato hash over an open fire for breakfast, and i spotted a stunning, pure white wild horse galloping through the forest as i stumbled out of the tent this morning. kinda incredible what can happen when you break your routine and do something a little different. that said, you'll find me nursing one of these raspberry-lime spritzer cocktails in the garden next weekend as per usual!
Red Bean Filled Mochi Donuts
recipe tested these mochi donuts today. red bean buttercream filling and honey-coconut glaze also got involved. in case you were wondering, all my dreams did, in fact, come true.
Savory Asiago Waffles
savory asiago waffles bonus points: they freeze well, so you can even have 'em on the mornings when there's no time to make an intense breakfast!
Shakshuka With Chickpeas And Cucumber Yogurt
i hear that you want breakfast for dinner. i'm here to help. the recipe for this shakshuka with chickpeas and cucumber yogurt is now on, along with some musings on the highly customizable nature of shakshuka. link in profile, obvi...
Matzo Brei
i'm not jewish, but matzo brei just might be my spirit animal. eggs, onions, unleavened goodness: what's not to love thanks for the recipe, @bonappetitmag.