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Smokey Old Fashioned
Everyone raves about #Friyay #HappyHour but why wait till 5PM when you can have a Benton’s Old Fashioned with breakfast to start your day? ☕️🍴 __ Curiosity got the best of me once again as I recently experimented with fat washing spirits. Sounds horrible, I know. It’s not as bad as you think. I bacon fat washed some bourbon so I could recreate the cocktail that introduced fat washing to the masses – created by former PDT bartender Don Lee. Good as it was, I had to give the recipe a little twist by adding in some scotch whiskey for a little smoke to compliment the sweet and savory. Winner! __ BENTON’S [*SMOKEY] OLD FASHIONED 🔺1 oz bacon fat washed @bulleit bourbon 🔺1 oz @thefamousgrouseusa scotch whiskey 🔺1/4 oz real maple syrup grade A or B 🔺2 dashes @angosturahouse bitters __ Prepare like a normal Old Fashioned with a big #clearice rock. Edible garnish optional but always appreciated. Use to wash down a healthy dose of pancakes or waffles. Proceed with Friyay as normal.😎 __ #BADhack: @jamieboudreau has a great 4 min fat washing tutorial on YouTube if you want to give it a shot. It’s easy!
Peach & Pecan Infused Rye
I keep hearing that summer is ending soon. People, come to Arizona – stepping outside tells me and my scorched feet that we’ve got another 2 months, minimum. ♨️ 😧 __ So, I’m proceeding accordingly. After seeing my good man @apartment_bartender infuse some bourbon with peaches and pecans a while back I knew I had to give it a go. (Check out his subsequent “Peach Summer Sipper” cocktail…ridiculously good!) Fast forward to today and this is my 3rd batch. Just do it and thank me later.  __ I made a few small variations to his recipe. 1️⃣ I used rye instead of bourbon to ensure it wasn’t too sweet and 2️⃣ I roasted the pecans first (even did a batch with brown sugar sprinkled on the pecans before roasting). Success, the bite of the rye was a perfect balance to the sweetness of the ripe peaches and nuttiness (sp?) of the pecans. Got a few great cocktails to feature with this infusion coming up. __ In a 16 oz mason jar: 🔺Add 1 peach, no pit, diced in medium chunks 🔺Add 3/4 cup pecans 🔺Fill with whisky/bourbon of choice 🔺Seal with cap, shake, place in fridge 🔺Wait 6 days, shaking a couple times here and there, strain through cheesecloth, place in airtight bottle and keep in fridge indefinitely __ Mix up a batch and make summer last forever (in your mouth at least 😎)
Cold Brew White Russian
“The Dude abides.” 😎🎳 _ This is what happens when I watch The Big Lebowski and then have some free time. Get your #coffeecocktails fix with this playful variation on the classic #WhiteRussian (preferably imbibed whilst watching this classic flick.) I subbed in a homemade cold brewed coffee ice cube in place of crushed ice to add to the coffee flavors instead of diluting. _ WHITE RUSSIAN 2 oz vodka 1 oz Kahlua (or your preferred coffee liqueur) 1 oz heavy cream Cold brewed coffee king cube _ Combine crushed ice, vodka and coffee liqueur in a shaker. Shake, strain, add coffee ice cube and top with cream. Dust with cinnamon (optional) Get yourself a rug that really ties the room together. Don’t let anyone pee on it (not optional)
Vista Del Sol Cocktail
{*Edit 8/29: Excited to share this was the @thefeedfeed.cocktails Cocktail Contest winner! Thanks for all the support! 🎉🏅} _ Alternate shot of an original cocktail, because #MangoArt. I might be more proud of the mango display here than this deliciously refreshing take on a moscow mule. It was my first stab at cutting up a mango which is surprisingly more complex than one might think! Made this cocktail for some family over the weekend and it was a hit. __ VISTA DEL SOL 🌞 🔅 2 oz mango + jalapeno infused vodka 🔅 3 oz ginger beer (I like @Bundabergdrinks) 🔅 1/2 oz lime juice 🔅 Pelon Picositos candy rimmed glass __ Salt the rim of a glass with Picositos (a tangy/salty/spicy chile powder used on Mexican candy) to taste. Combine ingredients, fill with ice. Garnish with mango cubes and fresh jalapeño slice dusted with Picositos. Don't forget to eat the garnish. Salud! #cheerstotelula #feedfeed #contest
Kiwi Melon Mint Bellini
Do you even brunch, bro? Going out with a bang with a final entry in the #feedfeed & #cheerstoTelula #contest. Uber healthy brunch option (or excuse to drink at breakfast.) __ KIWI MELON MINT BELLINI 🍾 @drinktelula Melon Mint, kiwi and honeydew puree, dash of sugar, lime juice, prosecco (use the sweeter variations) Cheers!
Old Fashioned Cocktail
A long awaited date night for my wife and I has arrived. Asked if I could make her a drink before we left to the restaurant, and despite the fact I've been adding a myriad of new cocktails to the repertoire, her order almost never changes… . ”Old Fashioned, please." . Yeah, she's classy 👌 Well, it just so happens that today is also #nationalscotchday so I thought I’d mix it up a little and add some smokiness to the classic. The result was, in my humble opinion, pretty effin amazing with layers of #delicious complexity and it’s downright dangerous. Definitely my new favorite after a hard day or ya know, pre-gaming a date night. . THE RON BURGUNDY 3/4 oz Famous Grouse scotch whiskey 3/4 oz Mellow Corn bonded whiskey 1/2 oz Goslings 151 rum 1/4 oz simple syrup 1 dash Peychaud’s bitters  1 dash Regan’s orange bitters . Build and serve like a normal #OldFashioned. Garnish with a lemon and orange twist. Careful, this packs a punch with the #151 and bonded whiskey but you can’t taste it! #Cheers
👉 Happy hump day y’all. Friendly reminder that you still have time to sign up for the giveaway @nikkawhiskyusa and I are running through Friday if you haven’t already. TO ENTER, PLEASE SEE THE PREVIOUS POST (One entry per person) . To hold you over here’s some recipes I’ve made with the @nikkawhiskyusa Coffey Gin and Vodka to date. Can’t go wrong with classics, but I’ve added a few twists: . LAVENDER GIMLET 2 oz @nikkawhiskyusa Coffey Gin 1/2 oz lime juice 1/2 oz simple 3 dash @scrappysbitter lavender bitters Shake all ingredients and double strain. Little twist on the classic because I love how lavender compliments gin. . SHISO & YUZU INFUSED MOJITO 1 1/2 oz @nikkawhiskyusa Coffey Vodka 3/4 oz simple syrup 1/4 oz lime juice Top off with club soda Gently muddle a few shiso leaves and the 1 tsp of yuzu rind in a glass with the vodka. Add lime juice, simple and ice and shake. Double strain into a glass and top with club soda. . KANPAI! #sponsored #nikkapartner
Old Fashioned still life. My college art teacher should be proud. 🥃👨🏼‍🎨
Had a great time making and shooting some cocktails for @theowlsbrew recently. Out of 10+ cocktails this one was my favorite, created by Chakkra Rath. @campariusa, @bulleit bourbon and absinthe combine with their organic chai tea, pineapple and coconut mixer to create a damn good cocktail with tiki vibes. . ☝🏼Hit the link in bio for the recipe and a special word from the one and only Steve Zissou. . Shoutout to @avestyles for being a drink model on this one. Can that be a real job please? I'm available. 🙋🏻‍♂️