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Ashley Cuoco
Long Island, New York
I got married and immediately fell in love with the kitchen. Cooking happy since 2014

Ultimate S'mores Brownies

My Recipes
Classic Cannoli
Tomorrow is my bday and I made cannoli w/ @fooddotcom! stuffed with chocolate chips. Then rained on with more chocolate chips. And sugar. My adorable Italian family is bringing me a feast to go along with this.
Peach Ginger Kombucha Mocktail
I find myself falling deeper in love with my amateur chef life and photography every day. I've grown a lot, stumbled to find my way (and still do). We're never done learning. I know beyond any doubt that nothing happens by mistake. I'm always amazed by how all things truly do work together for our good. I'm having the most fun, and this is just the beginning! This is a peachy, spicy sweet mocktail made with @healthade ginger lemon.
Zucchini, Pesto & Burrata Pizza
Friday, you are so sweet. I'm hitting the hay early tonight like the seventy-five year old woman that I am. Thankful for the reminder today to take care of myself! (Lookin at you, Like, with this pizza. I dream in burrata. Feel me? Happy weekend!!!
Mushroom And Kale Pizzettes
bucket list item: visit Parma and make my very own wheel of parmigiano reggiano. I mean, is anything cooler?! teach me how to make cheese! Recipe from @giadadelaurentiis, the Italian queen.
Chocolate Truffles Four Ways
if you're in long island or the surrounding area, lucky you: early tomorrow morning we'll be dumped with lots of that fluffy white stuff. perfect opportunity to stay in and make these valentine's day chocolate truffles.