7 Toast Recipes Perfect for a No-Fuss Dinner

Toasts for Dinner!


7 Toast Recipes Perfect for a No-Fuss Dinner

I love my job. But when it comes time to finish up work after thinking about food all day, sometimes it can be hard to motivate! Being around food every day is a blessing but also can desensitize me from wanting to cook when I’m home. This is why I like to meal prep and buy ingredients that will stretch through the week and enable me to make hearty, mindful and tasty dinners-- all on toast! @homemade.is.happiness is the toast queen, and when she pitched to me the concept of a Toasts for Dinner Feed, it was as if she was in my head and knew my favorite food: the tartine. Here is an array of recipes she and I curated for you that we HIGHLY recommend. From a fancy AF Avocado Toast, Mashed Potato on Toast (yep you heard that right), Sautéed Mushrooms, to Turmeric Turkey this Toast for Dinner Menu is an epic collection of easy weeknight recipes that will leave you fulfilled.
Mashed Potato Toast
By @lilybubbletea
AND we're here, the coolest Toast topping I've ever seen! @lilybubbletea's Dinner toast is topped with creamy Mashed Potatoes, perfectly poached Eggs and greens.

Avocado Lox Toast by @kalememaybe

@kalememaybe is my breakfast queen, but this savory toast makes me feel pretty awesome about biting into this epic toast for dinner!


Mushroom Thyme Toast by @nicolewilliams_11

Buttery mushrooms and thyme, it's the simple 3 ingredient meal that is super hearty and flavorful!

Sautéed Chickpea and Mushroom Tartine by @michalakramer

@michalakramer's toast is topped with garam masala spiced chickpeas and mushrooms... excuse me while wipe the drool off my face.

Fig Toast by @wellandyum

This fig toast is a one stop shot for both sweet and savory hunger cravings!

Turmeric Turkey Toast by @homemade.is.happiness

Toast Queen, @homemade.is.happiness gives you a great excuse to buy some turkey breasts so you can make this Turmeric Turkey Toast!

Seared Salmon Avocado Toast by @crepesandbows

Get yourself some salmon fillets and make @crepesandbows' toasts!
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