Fun Pickling and Fermenting Recipes to Try At Home!

Now's the time to pickle.


Salty, Sour, Sweet and Pickled At Your Service

Considering many of us are staying indoors these days, why not take this time to enjoy a longer project? In the past, the thought of babysitting a sourdough starter or keeping my eye on kraut for several days gave me goosebumps. What if I leave for the weekend and it dies? What if I forget to check on it because I’m out with friends super forgetful? But, now that I’m working from home and staying put in my apartment, I’ve got no excuses! So now that I’ve got nothing but time, I’ve found 5 fermented and pickled recipes I can't wait to try out.
Spelt Whole Grain Sourdough Starter
By @ritaserano
Ah, the age old test of my patience, sourdough starters. I have killed more starters than I have house plants, which is saying a lot. This whole grain spelt starter is a great place to start if you’ve never made one! Three simple ingredients, a jar and a cloth and you’re ready to make bread in 4-8 days.



Miso Cured Egg Yolk

The restaurant trick of salt curing egg yolks just got a facelift. I love this idea of encasing eggs in an umami bomb! If you’ve never tried cured eggs, now is the time. Once they’ve cured, use your microplane or box grater to grate fluffy, perfectly salted piles of egg yolk onto salads, soups and pastas galore!



Quick Pickles
by @gimmesomeoven

Fridge pickles are a staple in the Dolfi household. I’ve always got a variety on deck—pickled red onions, radishes, cukes, hot peppers, you name it, I’ve probably got it. It’s the perfect way to use up the veggies in your drawer and have them on hand to add to any cheese board or dinner toast.



Vinegary Marinated Tofu
by @erinireland

I'd never thought of pickling tofu before, but I love the idea! Many times, I’ll open a package of tofu and just use what I need for the day, leaving the second half to linger in the container. However, these little pickled goodies would be the perfect noodle soup or salad topper to have on hand.



by @eatsleepgreen

If you’ve never had the Mexican drink Tepache before, now is the perfect time to try it! Similar to kombucha but with a bit more alcohol content, this pineapple-ly, fizzy, fermented drink will lift your spirits in no time. Serve over ice with a splash of seltzer (or beer if you’re feeling boozy) and a squeeze of lime and you’re in business!



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