Freshly Baked Bread

A Note From Kathryn Geyer

There’s something about baking bread that is both spiritual and soulful. Take the simplest of ingredients, flour, water, and yeast - add time and heat and something wholly different is formed - something crackly, savory, delectable, and universally enjoyable. Making bread from scratch has always had a pastoral, from-the-earth connotation, giving the baker a sense of connection with history, the earth’s bounty, and their ability to bring nourishment. I find the process meditative and restorative. "Freshly baked" is a phrase that will brighten most anyone’s day. Whether you are an accomplished bread baker or trying it for the first time, this is your spot for inspiration.
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Kathryn Geyer


New York, NY

Cooking from scratch is nothing new, but in the twenty-first century, it is something rare.

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