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Gluten Free Brown Butter Pumpkin Bread with Chocolate Swirl

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Beef, Mushroom And Cheese Puff Pastry Pie
Beef Pie is a common dish in New Zealand as well as England and Australia where it can be seen almost everywhere from Bakeshops, Gasoline Stations, Supermarkets even fast food giants sell them. The most basic one is just the beef pies where flaky crusty pastry is filled with tender chunky pieces of beef in thick gravy, from here different versions can be made, like the Beef and Black Pepper, Beef and Mushroom, Beef and Cheese, Beef and Vegetables and the mother of them all the one with everything on them, our post today the Beef, Mushroom and Cheese Pie.
Tainan Style Shrimp And Pork Noodles
Ta-a noodles, danzi noodles or Tainan Style Noodles is a 130 year old noodle snack that dates back to the late Qing dynasty. Found in Tainan, Taiwan this noodles are usually made with minced pork, prawns, bean sprouts and noodles, also called the “Slack Season Ta-a Noodles” these noodles traditionally were served during the typhoon seasons where fishing is proved to be dangerous, these times were called the “slack seasons” and ingredients that were not fish are commonly used like this noodle.
Cheese And Bacon Scones
Scones is a type of pastry commonly served during breakfast or tea time usually in England, slightly resembling the American biscuit these baked goods are quite dense and moist.
Filipino Stewed Banana Blossoms And Pork Legs
Paksiw na pata is a Filipino dish of pork leg and banana blossoms slowly stewed on a sauce made out of soy sauce, vinegar and a bit of sugar. Paksiw for starters is one of the basic cooking methods in the Philippine cuisine where meats like pork and fish is stewed in vinegar. FOR THE RECIPE GO TO #cookteam1 #foodgawker #tastespotting #biteofthebest #hauteigram #feedfeed #eater #foooodieee #foodgrammerph
Individual Bacon And Egg Toast Cups
Need breakfast and fast Usually Bacon and Egg Toast are served in the most traditional way where it is served in two pieces of sliced bread stacked together well if you are tired of that then try serving it differently and do it like this.
This is so far, the best pork dish I ever tried, its fatty and very moist where the pork skin turns into crispy cracklings and locks out all the juices inside to seal the flavour and moisture yielding very tender boneless pork roast. Traditionally a whole baby pig is used, deboned and carefully arranged with stuffing but in its simplest form it can be made with pork belly filled with herbs and spices and tied down to form a rollwhere meat is locked by the skin. FOR THE RECIPE GO TO #cookteam1 #foodgawker #tastespotting #biteofthebest #hauteigram #feedfeed #eater #foooodieee #foodgrammerph #chicoryco #filipinofoodmovement
Manhattan Clam Chowder is a tomato based chowder made with clams, tomatoes and vegetables basically similar as a normal clam chowder but instead of cream or milk tomatoes are used as its replacement. A dish created by the Portuguese immigrants in Rhode Island where tomato based stews are traditionally a part of their cuisine. FOR THE RECIPE GO TO #cookteam1 #foodgawker #tastespotting #biteofthebest #hauteigram #feedfeed #eater #foooodieee #foodgrammerph #chicoryco #filipinofoodmovement
Bulgogi is a very well-known Korean dish, we all know it’s made with beef slices marinated in a sweet style soy sauce tenderized by pears then grilled but do you know what a Bulgogi Jungol is? Jungol/Jeongol in English means stew or hotpot and this is what this dish is? A stew prepared with Bulgogi together with noodles, mushrooms, vegetables and tofu, usually prepared in a shallow pot called jeongol naembi. FOR THE RECIPE GO TO #cookteam1 #foodgawker #tastespotting #biteofthebest #hauteigram #feedfeed #eater #foooodieee #foodgrammerph #chicoryco #filipinofoodmovement
Usually desserts taste better the fresher it is, not the case on this dessert as this one taste better on the second or third day but don’t have it later than that as this contains fresh cream. Serradura, Macau pudding or sawdust pudding is a very popular dessert in Macau, made with a simple concoction of whipped cream, condensed milk and crumbled Marie biscuits. FOR THE RECIPE GO TO #cookteam1 #foodgawker #tastespotting #biteofthebest #hauteigram #feedfeed #eater #foooodieee #foodgrammerph #chicoryco #filipinofoodmovement
Prawns and Mushrooms, this is the Filipino style surf and turf but instead of meat on the turf part we just use something earthier by using mushrooms. Gambas in the Philippines is quite popular specially as a special pulutan dish enjoyed on bars, restaurants and special occasions but what can make it even more special? By adding mushrooms to it. FOR THE RECIPE GO TO #cookteam1 #foodgawker #tastespotting #biteofthebest #hauteigram #feedfeed #eater #foooodieee #foodgrammerph #chicoryco #filipinofoodmovement