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Marvellina Goh
Born & raised in Indonesia and now busy cooking up storms in Minnesota.

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Ongol Ongol
I'm a dessert lover who is bad at making dessert, but I can make this fairly simple pan-cooked lightly sweetened mung bean flour cake with dessicated coconut. Dark brown in color is from the palm sugar. It's bouncy, slightly chewy...kinda weird to describe it in words. We call it ongol ongol in indonesian. My childhood favorite food . .and yes I think I over abused the dried hydrangea in my photos this should be the last sight
The daughter asked "Does bake and cake rhyme ? In case you don't know, I've been "forced" to rhyme words with my dear child everyday of my life lately! #LifeIsTough Here's a lychee cake with matcha whipped cream and caramel sauce I baked a while ago. That sentence doesn't entirely rhyme but oh well... It tasted pretty decent 😁 #whattocooktoday #lychee #matcha #bakingday #cakes #cakegram
Lemon ricotta spaghetti with grilled shrimp and grilled tomatoes. Cleaning out fridge meal is one of the best I think. Finally Friday is here ❤❤❤ #whattocooktoday #pasta #pastalover #spaghetti #italianfood #lemon #ricotta #shrimp
#Tofu puffs stuffed with ground/minced meat and veggies like greenbeans, carrots, corn and beansprouts. Dipped in batter and deep fried. One bite of Thai chili on my left hand and one bite of the tofu on my right and repeat. Some drizzle of sweet soy sauce/ kecap manis won't hurt either.Torturing at its best 😝 we call these tahu isi (stuffed tofu) in Indonesian. Though they are called many other names too. One of my favorite street food. Have a great one people ❤❤ P.S at least I was smart enough to line a crumpled newspaper before drizzling the sauce like tomorrow didn't matter..only today #whattocooktoday #tahu #tahuisi #jajanan #streetfood #indonesianfood #kulinernusantara #asianfood #snacksfordays
Grilled steak slices (medium rare 👌) marinated in cilantro, jalapeno, garlic, ginger puree, lettuce and crushed peanuts sandwiched between soft steamed buns. Simple but couldn't be more satisfying ❤ Have a great weekend everyone. #bythewindow #windowlight #whattocooktoday #steamedbuns #sirloin #asianfood #fusionfood #savory #spicy
#Yogurt, #granola and some poms with a layer of blow-torched brown sugar on top. Yogurt creme brulee ? 😝👌 creamy, tart, sweet and love the sound of the "crack" when the spoon took a dive. Have a great day/night peeps ❤❤ #whattocooktoday #pomegranateseeds #cremebrulee #brekkie #breakfastofchampions #morningslikethese
#Matcha sesame seeds challah. My first homemade challah and definitely won't be the last ❤ love the #fragrant #chamomile rose #tea too. It's so cold out and I'm grateful to feel warmth and cozy inside. I'm just thankful for all the little things and details in life ❤❤ Enjoy whatever you're doing or not doing ✌ #whattocooktoday #bakingday #challah #bread🍞 #teatime☕️ #actionshot
I haven't done much of cooking and baking of late and never knew I could miss doing so. Not sure if it's the eating or the process or both 😝 Anyways...the boy came to me and said "I want some granate" And it took me a while to process the information and I realized thank goodness its pomegranate he's referring to and not some explosive. Enjoy the rest of your Sunday/Monday #whattocooktoday #freshfruit #pomegranate #vibrantcolors
Thank you all so very much for the birthday wishes for the little guy. He probably had macaron overdose last night 😂 at least we get to eat the macaronless cake ✌ We plan to bring the kiddos to Museum of art today and hoping we could take our family photo outdoor with some autumn colors. We started this tradition since the kids were born. I kinda look forward to it and not at the same time. It's hard to photograph my little boy 😅 Here's his little hand trying to grab the egg custard steamed bun (without me asking😏) I wish everyone a great weekend ❤ #whattocooktoday #whpfreetime #morningslikethese #asianfood #eggcustard #steamedbuns #baozi #dimsum #soyummy #handsinframe #vscofashionfood
The weather today was pretty similar to how it was 3 years ago when you were born. Breezy and filled with beautiful autumn colors all over. Your cry was subtle when you first came into this world. I couldn't guess whether you were a boy or girl from that cry. Then the doctor said "It's a boy!" and brought you to me and the cry stopped in the instant and we were just amazed and comforted by the presence of each other. Along the way, you have grown into this funny, witty, and always hungry boy. But, I don't want it any other way truly!! I'm looking forward to more journeys and adventures with you. Happy birthday my little man !! . . I have to abandon the macaron tower plan and settle down with this honey mini cake with buttercream and sesame seeds frosting and some of the macaron shells that survived the baking fiasco for decoration. The little man hasn't seen the cake yet ☺ one thing I know for sure is he'll pick all the bears to eat and leave us with the cake 😂😂😂 I wish you guys a great weekend ❤❤ #friyay #whattocooktoday #birthdaycake #cakes #minicake #cakegram #macaron #macaronlove #pattisserie #thebakefeed #madewithkitchenaid