Chinese Savory Pork Pancakes

"It's about time to make these pan-cooked Chinese savory pancakes (bing) again. These were filled with homegrown #chives, minced/ground pork, and garlic and served with black vinegar, soy sauce and chili oil. Even the little hands were itching to grab these. It's always near bed time when I feel like I can eat another meal ? I guess I'll just have to brush my teeth...and I promise I won't swallow the tooth paste ? #whattocooktoday #savorypancakes #asianfood #chinesefood #savory #snacks #comfortfood"
-- @whattocooktoday

Recipe Intro From whattocooktoday

I feel warmer just looking at these pork-filled pancakes from @whattocooktoday! Such amazing flavors, I can't get over it!