How to Make Meringue

A Note From feedfeed

Light as air, this sweet & fluffy filler is the perfect pairing for dark chocolate cupcakes or cake! This recipe and video is sponsored by our friends at Bob's Red Mill. 

Frosts 12 cupcakes




4 egg whites

1 cup sugar

Pinch of cream of tartar

1 tsp vanilla extract




Set up a double boiler. When the water is simmering, add egg whites and sugar and whisk until the sugar has dissolved, about 4 minutes, and the mixture registers about 160˚ on a candy thermometer, or the sugar is completely dissolved and the mixture looks frothy. Transfer the egg whites to the bowl of a stand mixer fit with the whisk attachment and add the cream of tartar. Whip on high for 3 minutes, then add in vanilla extract. Continue to whip (about 3 minutes more) for a total of  5-7 minutes, or until the mix starts to become stiff and glossy. You’ll know the mixture is ready when it will hold a stiff peak without deflating.



Transfer the frosting to a piping bag (or sturdy plastic bag) and start frosting the cupcake from the outer edge inward. You want to build a sturdy coil, overlapping in a concentric circle as you make your way up.



If using for Hi-Hat Cupcakes, let frosted cupcakes chill in the refrigerator for at least 30 minutes while you make your chocolate coating. The frosting should not be sticky when you dip them; it should feel dry and firm to the touch.