Holiday Recipe Guides

Happy holidays! Take a look below at an amazing selection of Holiday Recipes for every part of your celebrations!

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Holiday Recipe Guides

Happy holidays! Whether you are hosting or bringing a dish to a dinner with family or friends, our Christmas and New Year's Guides are filled with creative, festive and traditional recipes for your holiday celebrations.

Let's start with our favorites...Cookies & Cocktails!

Find 30+ More Holiday Cocktail Recipes

Find 50+ More Holiday Cookie Recipes

On to Christmas Eve. Whether you're celebrating the Feast of the Seven Fishes, or having a quiet night at home, we've got tons of recipes for a new Christmas Eve tradition.

Find 20+ More Feast of the Seven Fishes Recipes

Find 12+ More Christmas Eve Recipes

On to Christmas Day... are you considering a roast or a ham? If so, here are two of our favorite options:

Find 18+ More Holiday Roast Recipes

Find 6+ More Holiday Ham Recipes

Now add some sides. We like Popovers or Yorkshire Pudding with beef, and Holiday Greens with ham.

Find 6+ More Popover & Yorkshire Pudding Recipes

Find 20+ More Holiday Greens Recipes

Celebrate the flavors of the season and add some Gingerbread & Peppermint to your holiday table.

Find 50+ More Gingerbread Recipes

Find 20+ More Peppermint Recipes

Need entertaining ideas? Check our our Holiday Snack & Appetizer recipes and if you're looking for a fun dessert for a crowd; set up a Hot Chocolate bar!
Ultimate Charcuterie Platter (with a baked brie recipe) by @lyndsey_eden

Find 20+ More Holiday Snacks & Appetizer Recipes

Find 16+ More Hot Cocoa, Egg Nog & Hot Buttered Rum Recipes

Find over 1000+ More Holiday Recipes!
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